Gojek Clone App: Benefits, Features, & Development Cost Estimation

Gojek clone app is a well-known advanced technology business idea that entrepreneurs from all over the world are taking interest in. This all-inclusive business solution has been in existence for quite some time now but, the havocking pandemic made it famous as there were two kinds of people who wanted to make their financial condition strong: 

  1. One with the traits of a businessman! They looked for instant business solutions that were quick to launch, affordable, and returned the best returns!  
  2. Second were those who lost their jobs and were looking for some concrete job ideas according to their profession such as beauticians, plumbers, carpenters, etc. 

This exclusive app thus became the ultimate savior. We will talk about the ‘second’ kind of people later. For this blog, let’s just focus on ones with the traits of a businessman! 


If you want to build an all-in-one service mobile application that’s similar to the Indonesian Gojek app, then the first things involve: 

  • Considering the benefits
  • Its royal features, and
  • The construction cost estimation 

Let’s explore the three aspects now. 


The benefits of building the Gojek clone app primarily include its low cost of development and the quick turnaround time. The cost of development will be discussed later in this blog. 

Talking about the turnaround time, aspiring entrepreneurs can be ‘actual entrepreneurs’ in just 1 – 2 weeks with this solution. How? The business solution is ready-made which makes it easy to customize, easy to rebrand, and even the launching process is shortened as the app is pre-built considering the App Store standards! 

Lucrative features 

The lucrative features that are present in the Gojek clone app and that customers are demanding in present times are: 

  • In-app wallet: it allows users to pay through the in-app wallet balance, eradicating the need of carrying the cash. 
  • Real-time tracking: this feature lets your users track the delivery driver’s location in real-time. Also, the providers can track the service location on the map. 
  • Multiple service selection: It might just happen that your users want to get more than just one service. This app will allow them to do so. For example, your users can add a pedicure, manicure, haircut, and even makeup, all at the same time! 
  • OTP verification: with the Gojek clone, your user’s safety is kept a priority as when the provider comes to deliver the service, they’ll first have to type in a code. This 4-digit code or one-time password is sent to the app user’s number and email. It is only after the typed code is verified can the provider begin their job! 

These are only a chunk of features that come with the complete clone app package. There’s so much more to avail of! 

Cost estimation

The cost of developing Gojek like app is important for aspiring entrepreneurs because they are the ones who have to pay for it! It is understood that after the pandemic and even otherwise, putting in all your finances is not a suitable choice because everyone has a ‘lifestyle’ to support. 

Coming to the point, if you want to build a vast and thriving app like the original Gojek app, then you need to splurge at least USD 250,000 from your savings or by taking out a loan! However, if you have a ‘ready-made’ solution to white-label and launch, the cost cuts off until you need only a fraction of USD 250,000 to invest in the app. By fraction, I mean, only five-figure money! 


Investing in Gojek clone app is something that will earn you a billion dollars easily with only a small investment! So, 2022 is the best time to get started with this plan and launch the multi-service app. Why so? Because you now know that there is a thriving business solution plus your country’s economy needs you and your pre-built mobile app!