Shipt Clone: App Development Steps, Tips, And Cost

If you are new to app development, then let’s just get started with the basics first. What is a grocery delivery app? Apps like Shipt clone allow customers to order groceries online. Moreover, the local retailers also get a platform to expand their market and escalate their sales. Depending on what business model the app owner wants to follow, this app can make you a millionaire in the shortest amount of time! 

App Development Steps You Need to Know Of

If you want to develop the grocery delivery app in a limited time, here are the steps that’ll help you to get precisely what you need! 

  1. Try demo apps first 

Trying out the demo apps will give you a better understanding of what this app is, how it works, and what customizations it requires. Remember that whenever you ask for the demo apps from the white-labeling firms, they should provide you with the trial for free. 

If a firm asks for money to use the demo apps, consider them as potential fraudsters! 

  1. Take the discussion further with the Project Manager 

If you have decided to purchase the app, congratulations! Next, discuss all your requirements with the Project Manager! The manager is the mediator between you and the app development team. They are responsible for giving you timely updates, reporting about the progress, making the team understand your requirements, and so much more. 

  1. The grocery delivery app development begins 

After you’ve purchased the app, the white-labeling app development team will start working on your project. Once they’ve developed the app, all of them are uploaded to the firm’s development server. 

Go to the server, check and review the demo apps. If you like them, show the team a thumbs up so that they can move forwards with launching the app. 

  1. App launch 

Your app is ready for the big launch! You can now see your app on Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and even Huawei App Store if you want to. 

Tips to Develop the Best Grocery Delivery App 

If you want to develop the best app of the century for grocery delivery, then you strictly need to follow these tips right here! 

  1. Allow your users to register stress-free 

The registration process must be very simple and easy for the users and the providers. A user-friendly interface will give your customers instant access to the app. Also, remember that long-format registration is one of the major reasons for the high bounce rate! 

  1. Give them a quick search option 

The quick search option will help your customers to look through the items by entering the keyword and running the search. This saves the customers from scrolling through the app for hours just to find one item they need. 

  1. Offer takeaway option too

Offering takeaway deliveries is necessary because not every customer may want doorstep delivery every time. The Shipt clone along with contactless doorstep delivery provides the option for takeaway. The delivery options can be switched on the checkout page. 

  1. Delivery tracking is a must to have

Let your customers track the order because they like to know the current location of the package. Besides tracking the delivery on the map, they’d also want the estimated time of arrival! 

  1. Push notifications should provide them with delivery updates 

Push notifications are very helpful to provide delivery updates to the customers. Moreover, these notifications can also be used to notify the customers about the offers, deals, and discounts that are being offered on the app. 

Coming to the cost of developing the grocery delivery app development, you’ll find it way less than building the app from scratch. A four-digit cost of purchasing is enough to get your hands on the best pre-built grocery delivery solution on the market! 

In Conclusion: 

Develop the best on-demand grocery delivery in the world with a white-labeled firm. Lastly, I’ll only recommend you to try and test the Shipt clone demo app before you invest even a single penny! 

Get the app today and begin your journey to success right away!