Gojek Clone Super App for On-Demand Services

The lives of the individuals are getting busier than ever. No time to deal with household chores and tasks, thus there is a growing demand for the On-Demand Services App. And Gojek Clone App seems to fill in the right place. It is a single application with 70+ On-Demand Multiple Services that has risen to the potential, offering monetary growth. That’s why business owners are showing keen interest in developing Gojek Clone App.

What Makes Gojek Clone App First Choice?

Gojek is an Indonesian-based multi-service app that offers more than 30 On-Demand Services.  Gojek Clone App is a replica of the original platform.  

App like Gojek is a ready-to-launch solution that comes with 100% customization that has a licensed source code. Offering new features and functionalities, the clone app enables you to customize the features as per the business requirements. It is available on IOS and Android OS Platforms that offer you to cover more customer reach. This Super App can be launched in 7 days.

This Super App offers a wide range of On-Demand Services that includes taxi booking services, all types of delivery services ( food, grocery, flowers, stationary, parcel), and services ( handyman, babysitters, pet walkers, beauticians).

Gojek Clone App Benefits

  • One single application – 70+ On-Demand Multiple Services
  • Gojek Clone script is equipped with multiple payment integration
  • The multi-service platform provides you with steady income flow from various streams
  • With a powerful admin dashboard, you can manage and monitor the entire business activities on a real-time basis
  • Provides work opportunities to the local communities 
  • Boost brand visibility
  • More sales mean more profits

Gojek Clone App New Features 

Now that you are aware of the advantages of the Gojek Clone App, we explore the New Version Features 2021, that take your business to the next level. 

Building up this multi-service app like Gojek will always be a wise decision that paves a way for you to stay ahead in the business race.

Whether you are a startup or already running an established multi-service business buying a white-label Gojek clone script can bring you awareness and prosperity to your business in a short time. 

Restricted passenger limit

The driver can restrict the passenger limit as per the latest safety measures provided by the government

Face mask verification

The driver/delivery driver has to upload the selfie in the mobile app to verify that they are wearing the face mask while driving.

Safety checklist

The safety checklist shows before confirming the rider so to make sure that the user needs to follow the safety rules. 

Safety ratings and reviews

The user is asked for the safety ratings and reviews once the trip ends whether the driver was following the safety protocols or not.

Ride cancellation

The driver and the rider both have the flexibility to cancel the ride if either of them is not following safety rules.

Apply toll manually

The driver can apply the toll cost manually, adding it to the invoice that later on the user pays. 

Calculate fare – 2 methods

The feature enables the calculation of the fare in two ways – Pay as per the estimated fare or pay as per the road traveled.

Store wise commission

The admin can set different commission rates for every store. This means they can set a high commission rate for those stores/restaurants generating more orders and a low for non-performing stores/restaurants.

Day wise separate time slots

The feature allows them to set days separate time slots for weekdays, weekends as well as public holidays working hours.

Item name searching

The user can quickly search the items from the menu/virtual store adding them to the cart

18+ age confirmation

The feature allows the user to upload their age confirmation proof when they are ordering which requires 18+ age proof.

Voice instruction for the delivery drivers

The user can put the voice note instructions regarding the deliveries 

Restaurants to upload pictures

The feature enables the restaurant owners to upload their pictures showcasing their kitchen activities as well as following the safety measures.

Order cancellation option for the delivery drivers

The order cancellation option for the delivery drivers allows them to cancel the delivery order if they are unable to provide deliveries due to unforeseen reasons.

OTP verification

The driver & service providers will ask for the OTP verification before starting the task/ride.

Graphical status rides

The feature offers the real-time status of the orders/rides in the graphical icon form through in-app notifications to the users.

In Conclusion

Explore the full range of Gojek Clone Script Solution equipped with New Features dedicated to bringing success to the business.

Choose Gojek Clone App Development Company like us that is not only committed to delivering awesome apps but also believes in doing awesome CSR activities.

Thus, it is advisable to choose an Gojek Clone App that makes a positive difference to your business and the local communities.