Boost Your Business With Pre-Built On-Demand Gojek Clone Mobile App Development

If you own an on-demand service business, you must think about the methods to boost it online. With the lightning speed at which businesses are going online, it would be difficult to survive the competition if you don’t upgrade and boost yourself. To give your business the extra push, here is the Gojek Clone app!

Boost Business with a Pre-built Solution

Every business must think about upgrading itself from time to time to boost its presence in the market. The question is how? Well, one thing is for sure – to boost your business using this app, you need to know your audience!

When you conduct a deep search on your audience, you will be able to work through insights like

  • What do your customers expect from the app?
  • Will they try a new useful feature in the future?
  • What would they improve about the app?

Once you have answers to all these questions, you know you are ready to boost the business!

Things That’ll Help You Boost Your On-demand Business

The Gojek Clone app is a marvelous platform that offers multiple services plus a wide range of features to customers.

Here are some of the factors that will help you enhance your on-demand business quickly.

Advanced Services  

Services are the primary ‘attraction’ for customers. When they come to know that your platform offers 82+ services, their first impression will be ‘let’s try this app!’

Although now you have several services to offer, you need to keep upgrading or advancing them. This is one sure-shot way to enhance your business.  For example, with the launch of the latest KINGX 202 Gojek-like App, the developers introduced:

Online Video Consultation

With the help of this service, customers can now easily book consultation sessions with professionals like doctors, lawyers, tutors, fitness coaches, and even astrologers.

This Gojek Clone app service will let your customers sit at home and consult with professionals without visiting them face-to-face. Not only will this keep users and providers safe from contracting the virus but also save them time!

Service Bidding

Handymen like carpenters, plumbers, electricians, etc. can start bidding for posted tasks on the app.

The bidding will help your customers to find a suitable professional who is ready to work at a fair price, suitable to both – users and providers!

On-demand Medical Services

The on-demand medical services are best for people who want to avail of every service right from the comfort of their homes.

With this service, customers can book an ambulance, consult with a doctor, order blood/plasma from a nearby blood bank, or book an appointment at a pet’s vet, etc.

Gojek Clone App Futuristic Features  

Adding futuristic features is another way to enhance your on-demand business with the help of this app.

Multiple credit card management

The app users can now add multiple credit cards to the app. Moreover, they can add or delete them whenever they want. This feature also helps the users to select the card and pay for the services without having to carry cash!

Login with Face ID and Fingerprint

Users can now log in with their Face ID (iPhone) and Fingerprint (Android). Such a convenient login method has not only increased security but also saves users from entering usernames and passwords!

Video calling option

The users and providers can now connect with each other via the video call option. This feature comes in addition to in-app messaging and VOIP-based calling.

However, this feature is available only for delivery and taxi drivers!

Voice instructions for delivery drivers

Other interesting features of the Gojek Clone app are the voice instructions. Now, the users can record and upload their voice messages giving instructions to the delivery driver on the app.

With the help of this feature, the providers can make quick deliveries!

Item name searching

Now, users can easily look for the service in the search box by entering a relevant keyword. By simply adding the keyword, users can save a lot of time and effort to search for whatever they want.

In Conclusion:

Launch the Gojek Clone app in only 1 to 2 weeks and kick-start your own business! Moreover, this app will let you exponentially grow your business and boost operations with its unique and robust services/features!