On-Demand Beauty Service App Development

The realm of On-Demand Beauty Services has grown like never before in the past decade. However, the last five years have seen a sudden shift in the way people use beauty services. Not only are people more focused on personal hygiene and beauty regimens, but there is also a sharp contrast in the way people have started treating their health and fitness issues. Today, with the power of smartphones in our hands, accessing beauty services has become as easy as One Two and Three. If you too are someone who is looking to start their own on demand beauty services app based business, here’s what you should know!

Making your app easy to use

The first thing that every entrepreneur should take into consideration is that the power of an app lies in its usability. The main reason for app development is to take a problem and find a solution for it. The problem, in this case, is fast lives and limited time to access beauty services which is solved by making service providers (expert beauticians) available to render services to the doorstep of the customer. 

In doing so, one has to be mindful of the way people are used to using their digital assistants. We have been exposed to the power of smartphones for almost a decade now. Therefore, all users have found a simple and effective flow of working with them. If you are starting your own on-demand beauty services app based business, you have to make sure that you aren’t forcing your users to unlearn anything to learn how to operate your app. There are tried and tested app flows that you must consider. 

Let us take a look at the flow of the app that is ideal for these businesses.

Flow of the On-Demand Beauty Services Apps

  1. The User downloads the app and then registers into it to create their own profile. The users may use a small registration form to do so, however, it is best to allow them to log in using their existing accounts such as that of Facebook or Gmail. This saves time and is extremely convenient for the users. 
  2. The next step is to select the service that they are interested in. Beauty services encompass a range of services that the users should be able to select from. For example, there are:
    • Hair Services
    • Facial Services
    • Massage and Spa Services
    • Styling Services
    • Makeup Services
    • Sauna Services
    • Manicure and Pedicure Services
    • Hair Removal Services
  3. Now, after the user selects the primary services, they should be able to look into the sub-services that fall within it. For example, if the user selects Massage and Spa Services, they should have a drop-down list to choose from including Hand Massage, Head Massage, Full Body Massage, Herbal Massage, Thai Massage and so on and so forth.
  4. After the user has made the specific selection, they should be able to see a list of all the service providers offering that particular service within their area. This is done with the help of a list. 
  5. This list should also be able to show the star rating awarded to these service providers (expert beauticians) by their previous customers along with the price they wish to charge for these services. 
  6. Now, the user may select the service provider (beautician) that they like best. 
  7. When the user selects a particular beautician, he or she receives a notification in terms of a job request. The Service provider is free to accept or reject the request based on their availability etc.
    • If Rejected:  In case the service provider rejects the request, the user is notified of the same and can then select another service provider. The next one will get the job request. They too will be free to accept or reject the request. The user can continue to do this until the job is accepted. 
    • If Accepted: The User is notified of the ob having been accepted and the Service provider is furnished with the details of the address, etc. 
  8. Now, the Service provider can reach the shared address by the User and deliver their services. 
  9. After the services have been delivered, the app automatically facilitates the payment for the same.
  10. Now the user, as well as the service provider, are free to rate each other based on their experience for further reference. 

How to get this kind of app?

If you are serious about your business and want an app with this kind of flow that will surely be successful, you have to make sure that you only purchase an app from a white label on-demand mobile app Development Company after taking a demo of the app so that you know exactly what to expect from it.