Offer Multiple Services With Grab Clone App

Launching a Grab Clone App in 2023 sounds to be the most exciting business opportunity. Why? You can quickly launch a  multi-service app in your region in just one week. With this single app, you can offer taxi booking, parcel delivery, food delivery, grocery delivery, medicine delivery, and moto ride services. Let’s learn more about these services in detail and see how they can help you make money. 

Offer Six On-demand Services with One App 

These are the top six services that you can offer by launching a Grab-like app in your region. This app is powerfully built to connect your customers and providers instantly without a headache. 

Taxi booking 

With the help of this on-demand service, your customers can easily commute from location A to  B in the city. In simpler words, this service helps them to book a taxi and ride safely to the selected destination.  

Grab Clone App offers your customers different taxi services like ride-sharing, taxi rentals, and premium taxi booking and scheduling.

This on-demand service app bridges the gap between passengers and drivers. Here, customers can easily book taxi services while drivers can make more money via back-to-back trips. 

Food delivery 

Food ordering and delivery have become simple! Thanks to this on-demand app that makes doorstep delivery easy. Customers just need to add the items to the cart after they select the restaurant from which they want to order the food. 

Then, they can select the payment method they want. Also, customers can customize their food, get speedy deliveries, and also give instructions to delivery drivers via voice message. 

Grocery delivery 

Using the Grab Clone App, your customers can get farm fresh groceries online and get doorstep delivery. 

To order groceries, they need to click on the grocery delivery service section on the app, find a nearby store or supermarket, select the things they want and then add them to the cart. 

On the checkout page, they can edit the cart if they want to and simply place the order!

Medicine delivery 

Customers can use the app to order prescription-based medicines online from one of the nearby pharmacies. All they need to do is upload the doctor’s prescription to the app. Then, they can search for the medicine under the pharmacy’s name, add them to the cart, and place the order immediately.

Within minutes of placing the order, the assigned delivery driver will pick up the order from the pharmacy and deliver it to the customer’s given address. 

Parcel delivery 

Sending packages to one or more places in the city has now become easy for your customers because of the Grab Clone App. Your consumers can now find professional parcel delivery drivers via the app and get the job done in just a few minutes. 

Once the driver accepts the service request, they will arrive at the provided location to pick up the parcel. Additionally, they can easily make timely delivery of the parcel because of the in-built Google API. 

Moto ride booking 

Your app users can also book moto rides using this app. Commuting via a two-wheeler is a terrific way to quickly reach the location even if the roads are a bit congested. 

On the app, the users can select the two-wheeler they want to book, select a suitable payment option, and click on the BOOK NOW button to send the ride request. 

In Conclusion: 

Making money with Grab Clone App is easy because, on each ride and delivery service, the entrepreneur gets to make more money! 

The entrepreneur makes money as commissions which they decide. Apart from that, they can make additional cash with in-app advertisements, cancellation fees, and surge pricing. 

Get the ready-made solution today if you wish to launch the business in less than two weeks!