Gojek Clone App Allow Your Users To Access 82+ Services In Few Taps

On-Demand Businesses are in vogue these days. People are happily accessing the services through their smartphones. Making this a major USP in gaining your business in getting visibility, it made it quite clear that there is no other than Gojek Clone App.  If you are looking to build a multi-service app like Gojek you are on the right page.

Why is Gojek Clone App Is An Attractive Business Choice?

The multi-service-based business is gaining popularity all over the world. In the on-demand realm, opting to follow the market trend will lead to success because it is a feasible business plan.

As a result, developing a Gojek-like app takes a large amount of money and time. As a result, employing a pre-built Gojek app streamlines the process of creating a Gojek Clone App.

Buying Gojek Clone Script Solution can be highly beneficial, offering users over 70 services and power-packed features to uplift your on-demand multi-services business quickly.

To level up the competition, adding some revolutionary features in your Gojek-like App will make you stand ahead in the business race.

Let’s discuss some of the best innovatively thought, well-crafted features for you to integrate into your Super App.

Taxi Booking iWatch App

Wearable technologies are trending right now. From fitness to getting daily chores done, smartwatches have made their significance in today’s business world. Thus, it is no surprise if you find the same for as basic as Taxi Booking.

Your users can make a quick booking using this Uber-like iWatch App with a few taps on their wrist.

It’s easy to book, let’s understand with an example:

Amy is dining in a restaurant with her date. She doesn’t seem interested in continuing the conversation since she is bored. Fortunately, she has the iWatch App on her iPhone, which allows her to book a taxi without making her date feel rude. The Uber-like Taxi Booking iWatch App made getting rid of a gloomy date a breeze. Tada!!

Now it is easy to book a taxi where you don’t have to get your Apple phone out from your purse/pocket. The app work exactly like the app, showing you “Where to destination”, book a taxi near you, track your driver’s arrival and pay easily from the app.

One Store under Several Categories

This feature allows the store owner to list it under multiple categories. By submitting a request to the administrator, the store owner can quickly expand his or her business. How? Let’s look at an example to help you grasp it:

Tom owns and operates a supermarket that specializes in fresh produce, daily necessities, and a pharmacy. As a result, this creates a win-win situation for Tom, as it makes it easier for consumers to purchase everyday necessities, prescriptions, and groceries at his business. As a result, every time a user places an order from his store, the billing amount increases.


Re-assigning Delivery Driver

We placed an order, but it was immediately canceled due to a shortage of drivers. This is a frequent occurrence that has occurred to us on numerous occasions.

Under the following conditions, the Admin can reassign the delivery to another driver using this feature:

  • When the driver rejects the delivery request
  • The driver is not available
  • Driver confirms but rejects the delivery requests after some time

The features listed above are the ones that can make a difference in making your app stand out. There are additional “out-of-the-box” capabilities available; speak with an app development representative to learn more.

In Conclusion

The Gojek Clone App is a money-making machine that exponentially increases your wealth in a short period. Any entrepreneur desires to become a millionaire, and it appears that purchasing a Super App is the greatest way to achieve that goal. Be the lucky one who gets to be the first unicorn to launch in your area. Come speak with one of our representatives about your app requirements. We won’t ask you to stretch your bank account, so don’t worry about it. We provide a variety of payment options, and we can even create one just for you. To gain understanding, discuss your app requirements and request a live demo.