Instacart Clone – An Efficient Online Grocery Delivery Market

We live in a digital world where most people love to shop online. According to a report by Statista, eCommerce sales touched a new milestone when they reached a valuation of $4.9 trillion in 2021. Needless to say that the global coronavirus outbreak was the primary factor. However, since then, customers are embracing online shopping via apps and websites. One such platform that helped the online grocery delivery market to boom is the Instacart Clone app. 

This blog discusses the numerous problems solved by the on-demand grocery delivery app! Let’s get into the details right away. 

Grocery Shopping Problems Solved by Instacart Clone

Here is a list of all the problems that online grocery apps have solved, making customers shop more efficiently and conveniently! 

1. No need to go to crowded areas 

The customers are liberated from the burden of wearing PPE kits, face masks, and face shields when stepping out of their homes. How? Well, alongside a decrease in the coronavirus havoc the rise of on-demand apps led people to shop from their homes. 

Customers can easily select the supermarket they want the stuff from and add to the cart all the grocery items. 

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2. Doorstep delivery in no time 

With the Instacart Clone app, the customers can get all the grocery items delivered to their doorstep. After adding the items to the cart customers need to choose a desirable delivery type. Since we are talking about the time when the pandemic was illiberal, the mobile app offered the customers to choose from three delivery options: 

  • Contactless doorstep delivery: here the customers got the option to get the groceries delivered at the door but with zero contact. The delivery driver left the package at the door and before leaving, clicked and uploaded the photo of the order as proof of delivery. Once they update the status as “delivered”, the customers can collect the delivery. 
  • Takeaway: Many customers were stringent about how they’d purchase, sanitize, and use the daily essentials. Thus, for their convenience, the mobile app-enabled the customers to choose takeaway. In this delivery type, the grocery items weren’t delivered. Instead, the customers went to the store to collect their orders. 

3. No cash, no problem 

Another critical problem that the Instacart Clone app solved was cash transactions. The physical currency was the primary carrier of the virus. Since it travels from one man’s hand to another’s, the virus transmission rate is higher! Therefore, to curb the issue, the developers of the pre-built on-demand grocery delivery app empowered the customers and providers to transact online. 

The online payment methods available in the app are: 

  • In-app wallet balance 
  • Credit cards 

The two ways omit the need of carrying cash everywhere and ourselves from contracting the contagious COVID-19 virus! 

Monumental Features of Grocery Store Delivery App

Here are some of the essential features of the grocery delivery app that have embarked the presence of this astonishing app during and post the pandemic! 

  • Instant status update 

The mobile application updates the customers about the order status immediately via in-app push notifications. These notifications are graphically represented which makes them easy to read and understand. 

  • Referral programs 

The referral program lets the customers earn more credit in their in-app wallets. It happens when they share the invitation code with their friends and family, convincing them to join the app, and place their first order. 

In brief, the Instacart Clone app is the most amazing app of the decade when it comes to ordering groceries on-demand! 


On the whole, the first thing on the list to launch a perfect on-demand grocery delivery app is – finding the right clone app script. Entrepreneurs can find a well-coded, optimized, and mature clone app script at a white-labeling firm that has been running the business for at least a decade now!  
So, why wait? Get your Instacart Clone app today and launch the most successful grocery delivery app in your region!