How Gojek Clone Saves Your Time And Money In This Pandemic Situation

Super Apps or On-Demand Multiservices Gojek Clone App as we know are ruling the market presently. Since the lockdown, these apps have made their way up there in a short time. And why not, it is the best option to fulfill the daily needs ranging from getting a cab to connecting with a babysitter to ordering a grocery. Having an app that delivers everything, anything will help excel you in your On-Demand Multiservices Business.

Offering Multiple Services In A Single App

Entrepreneurs who use On-Demand App solutions like Gojek can offer multiple services in a single app. To successfully run a business and to take it to the utmost heights go ahead and develop an app like Gojek who wants to build an app that delivers anything to your users.

Why Build Gojek Clone App? – Consider this

How many apps normally a person has on his/her cellphone? Roughly, 10 and how many do you think that use it on day to day basis? Not more than 2-3.  So, ideally, they are cluttering their cellphones with 8-10 apps that are just sitting there doing nothing.

So, think this way how about developing a Multi-services App that offers 70+ services in a single app? Surprised? You guessed it right, it will take away the storage issues, doesn’t clutter your phone and most importantly the users won’t be hopping from one app to another to accomplish their tasks. Only one download, single login, and everything are sorted.

Launching On-Demand Multiservices Apps like Gojek can be an excellent business opportunity to start a new business.

Offer Multiple Services That Delivers Anything

You can choose to offer day to day services like:

Taxi booking services – This feature acts like Uber App. It allows your users to book a taxi like how they do it in Uber Taxi Booking App. Apart from this, you can offer Uber-like Cab Rental services, Moto rides, Moto rental.

On-Demand Delivery Services

These are mostly store-based delivery that offers on-demand services to the users. This can be grocery, food, medicines, office supplies, wine/alcohol, pet supplies, bakery items, flowers, and gifts, etc.

Other services

This segment allows you to offers multiple on-demand services. The app platform connects you with the service providers based on their ratings, work history, proximity, pricing, etc. The services include Handyman, Electrician, Plumbing, Doctors, Lawyers, Pet walkers, Babysitters, Salon & Spa, Gym trainers, Car washing, Sanitization, Home cleaning and maid services, Event organizers, and more.

How Gojek Saves Your Time & Money In This Pandemic?

The best part about developing an app like Gojek is it allows you to offer multiple services on one platform. This opens up avenues for you in terms of business opportunities and brand exposure.

When people are downloading your app and using it, you are not only generating a steady cash flow but, it talks about your app. The word of mouth spreads like a fire that a Super App is offering various services that can be availed anytime and anywhere.

Secondly, the cost incurred developing a multi-services app when compared to a single niche application is less.

Thirdly, your users will feel more convenient to avail themselves of a wide range of services whenever they wish to.

What Kind Of Features Do do You Need To Include In Your Gojek Clone App?

When you are launching an app like Gojek, there is a certain impression already build with the people about the brand. They want your app to be the same or offering more than that.

So, when you are competing with other Gojek like App, features are the only way that makes your Super App look unique.

A trustable Gojek App Development company will advise you to integrate it with the Latest Advanced Level Version 2021 features. Also, integrating with the safety features like COVDI19 Safety features will enhance your app performance and visibility.

The features should help your users

  • To place orders easily, and make payments quickly and safely.
  • The vendor/service providers/stores/restaurants can manage their panel independently offering streamlined services to the users.
  • The delivery panel should all the delivery person to manage the deliveries, manage earnings, profile, etc. easily.
  • The robust Admin Panel should be able to govern and control the entire business process. Overall, eliminating the need of hiring extra resources and operational costs.

Approaching An App Development Company

Connecting with an app development company to design Gojek like the app can be the best way to launch your on-demand multiservice business. They have an experienced team and working on the state-of-the-art infrastructure offering Powerful Gojek like App Solutions to clients worldwide. Thus, having an experienced team you can rest assured you’re your app product will be best in class, white-labeled, and customized to meet your business needs.