Gojek Clone New Features Boosts The Growth Of Multi-service Business

Gojek App – Every business owner wants to make an app like Gojek.

Gojek remains the most preferred app, that has a base in Indonesia. A single application offering a multitude of services making it easier for the consumers to choose from the categories and order accordingly.

If you are running multiple delivery and services businesses. Building  Gojek Clone App can be the best solution to scale up your business in a short time.

People are living a busy life with hardly getting time to get their chores and repairing work done on time. They don’t mind paying for availing On-Demand Services offered by Gojek like app.

This way you get to generate more revenue from a single application and the customers get to schedule and order their deliveries and services making a win-win situation for both.

What Is Gojek Clone App?

Gojek Clone App is an inspiration taken from the original Gojek App of Indonesia.

It is a single application that provides on-demand multi-delivery/services to your customers. With stunning new assortments of the features, it comprises 70+ on-demand services.

These services are mainly classified under Ride-hailing/taxi booking, On-Demand Delivery, and Services.

New Version Features Gojek Clone That Perfectly Handles Taxi/Transportation Requirements

GoJek Clone App has a taxi booking service category underneath there are different taxi booking relevant services offered by the app owner.

The taxi booking service category enables the users to book their taxis on the go. Apart from a taxi ride, it offers Moto/Bike ride, Airport shuttle, Corporate rides, Car-pooling thus making it enough tempting for the transportation service providers to jump at the opportunity and signup with the app.

The new version feature includes:

  • Restricted Passengers Limit
  • Face Mask Verification
  • Safety Checklist
  • Safety Ratings & Reviews
  • Ride Cancellation
  • Apply Toll Cost Manually
  • Taxi Fare Calculation 2 Models – Fixed model and Incremental Model – For Taxi Module

Gojek Clone New Version Features Answer Consumer’s On-Demand Delivery & Services Orders

This category feature automates your entire on-demand deliveries and pickup requirements.

It caters to the wide range of On-Demand Delivery Services like Food, Grocery, Pharmacy, Stationary, Alcohol, Water-bottle, Flowers & Gifts, and much more.

It is craft to cater to all those people who are in crunch of time. This category feature allows them to schedule, and order and get the deliveries at the doorstep accordingly.

The Gojek clone script solution is a readymade white-label solution with New Version Features giving complete control over your business activities.

The superior features include:

  • Store Wise Commission
  • Day Wise Separate Timeslots
  • Item Name Searching
  • 18+ Age Confirmation
  • Voice Instruction for Store Delivery Drivers
  • Delivery Driver can have a Helper to assist him
  • Restaurants to upload Pictures of their Kitchens
  • Order Cancellation option for Store Delivery Driver
  • OTP Verification to Start the Task
  • Graphical Status of Rides and Order in App notification

Gojek Clone App Incorporating Other On-demand Services

The category of Gojek Clone App offers home-based services to your customers.

The services include Beautician, Pet walker, Handymen services, House-cleaning services, Tow truck roadside assistance services, Car washing, Babysitting services, and more.

It promotes business growth, encouraging local communities to earn and upgrade their lifestyle. This overall boost the economy of that location.

Gojek Clone App also comprises of Delivery Genie – The professional driver that will gets your stuff, buying from nearby Stores as per given instructions while booking the service. The delivery is done at the doorstep.

Delivery Runner is another significant part of the Gojek Clone App where “A Runner”, a delivery professional will pick up and drop off the items, deliver it as how the user wants from the nearby locations.

Gojek Clone App – Aim To Increase Your Customer Base

Super apps like Gojek are quickly becoming popular because of their unique attributes that caters to the wider customers from a single app.

Gojek Clone App lets you offer 70+ multiple on-demand services. Because of its scalability, and offering on-demand services to the users has made the lives of the people suyper easy and hassle-free.

Start building your Gojek Clone App with a MVP model. Later on the entrepreneurs can add/remove other services depending on the demands of the customers.

Gojek Clone App has an open source code that helps, saving trouble of developing new app for everytime the new services have been introduce.

Hire Gojek Clone App Development Company

It is easy to build an app like Gojek. Developing a new Gojek like the app is time taking and expensive. On-Demand Multi-service App like Gojek has several categories thus has technical complexities. It will take months to develop and launch a flawless Gojek like App.

The best way to overcome this issue is by buying Gojek Clone Script Solution from an app development company in India.

First, it is a readymade solution which means it is already test and ready to launch

Second, it hardly takes 7 business days to launch thus, you can start your multi-delivery and services business immediately

It is a scalable and build on latest technology, thus you can accommodate end number of users, stores/restaurants, service providers as well as delivery driver without spending extra.

Connect with an app development company with years of experience in launching on-demand multi-service apps like Gojek. Take the demo, place the order and launch in 7 business days.