Custom Build Gojek Clone App With New Features

Gojek Application has quickly grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. Offering On-Demand Multiservices in one go, the orders have skyrocketed. There will be hardly a person who wouldn’t have a smartphone today. Thus, it serves as a perfect opportunity to target billions of users by launching a customized Gojek Clone App.

What Makes Gojek Clone The King Of The App

Taxi-hailing businesses and dining out were out of the question during the pandemic. The travel industry and the hospitality industry came to a halt, with the majority of them forced to shut down their businesses. Only those survived who shifted to online delivery services.

Gradually, the ease of the lockdown raised the demand for private cabs as people fear using public transportation and going out to dinner.  The restaurants were miserable and wanted someone to hold on to and that’s how Gojek Clone becomes a life savior.

Since these restaurants didn’t have the required capital to invest in an app, the On-Demand Multiservices App turned out to be providing them the platform to provide their service and earn a decent income.

How Does Gojek Clone Support Your Future Business?

The features and functionality of the application determine its future. Your application should be able to aggregate for the future through developments in it. Listed below are some of the future features that can be infused into your Gojek Clone App.

Uploading Restaurant Pictures

Restaurant owners can upload pictures of their kitchen highlighting their safety practices, showing how well they keep their kitchen disinfected, etc.

This way it eliminated the fear of the people who were skeptical about ordering their food online. The feature worked and provided the restaurants with more orders.

Voice instructions for food delivery drivers

 App users can now record and upload voice instructions for delivery drivers. This is useful for contactless payments with prepaid orders. The user can now tell the driver where to leave the package, where to park the motorcycle, and where to avoid road blockages.

Safety badge

Hygiene standards are awarded only to those restaurants who were able to comply with the World Health Organization hygiene standards guidelines.

The safety badge feature encouraged restaurant owners and delivery executives to do a better job thus it witnessed an increase in their orders.

Latest Features That Makes You Stand Out

KingX2023 is adorned with improved UI/UX and new features that will make a significant difference to your on-demand multi-services business. These features are well-crafted, witnessing the woes of the users and service providers. The 2 two new significant features:

Service Bid

Get things done with the world’s largest network of independent service providers. You can turn to them for both small and large-scale transformations. Invite nearby contractors to bid on your project. With just a few clicks, you can receive a matching service bid based on the service provider’s bid offer, reviews, and portfolio.

Online Video Consultation

We make it easy for your users to do chores without leaving the house by keeping in mind the “Social Distancing” trend. With the Online Video Consultation feature, users can connect with a variety of service specialists, such as doctors, lawyers, legal advisers, teachers, fitness trainers, and others. With this device, you can conduct face-to-face video conferencing using your Android or Apple device. It takes just a few taps and clicks to schedule an online video meeting.

Running on demand Multi-services has become easier with the introduction of applications such as Gojek. This application’s special interfaces for service professionals and sub-category players allow service providers to better manage all incoming and outgoing transactions.

This application not only benefits customers and service providers but also serves as an ideal technical partner for real-time service processors. The distinctiveness of each stage, from the approval of a new meeting to the collection of payments, makes the on-demand service visible and accessible to a large number of users. High availability increases the number of users and service providers, which improves on-demand service performance.

In Conclusion

Our Gojek Clone Script Solution is ideal for the future and allows you to easily take a new direction with your business. We’ve seen how the Gojek app clone model benefits businesses in this blog. So, without further ado, contact us now to easily develop and launch your Gojek clone app. Then you’re a star in the global business of the on-demand market with your super-efficient app solution.