A Combination of Essential ‘On Demand Services App’ – Gojek Clone App

There is hardly any doubt about the fact that the ‘On Demand’ market has been sizzling with multiple apps. Every country today has adopted one or more types of apps that help people hire or book services using their smart phones and get them delivered to their doorstep. However, one name that keeps propping up in this industry is the Gojek Clone App. It has effectively proved itself to be a combination of essential on demand services app in the market. 

In this blog post today, we will try to find out more about all the components that a Gojek Clone app is comprised of and how you can make it your own business venture. So, first things first, let us get cracking.

What is the Gojek Clone?

The Gojek Clone is an app modeled after the Gojek app built and launched in Indonesia. This app gained so much popularity that in a few years time, most entrepreneurs globally had been able to recognize the potential that this industry had. 

This is why developers across the globe went straight on to developing their own versions of this app by breaking down the code of the original app and then re writing it with their own added features and enhancements. This came to be known as the Gojek Clone app. 

Now since there are so many Gojek Clone options in the market it might be a little difficult for entrepreneurs to choose the one that is a perfect fit for their personal business aspirations. This is why; it is always advisable to thoroughly vet the company that you are planning to buy the app from. Please note that building an app this complex is definitely not a one man task. Therefore it is best to speak to a reliable white label on demand mobile app Development Company with expertise in building such apps. They will have an entire team to do all grime work in the application so you don’t have to worry yourself with it. Below we will discuss all the components involved in a Gojek Clone app, so you will be able to appreciate its complexity and thereby select your app wisely. 

There are 3 ways in which this app can be categorized for explanation:

  1. By service offerings
  2. By components that make it up
  3. By Technology involved

Let us take up each one at a time and then understand this better.

By Service Offerings

There are 4 major types of services that the Gojek Clone app can offer direct customers. They are:

  1. On Demand Taxi Booking Service
  2. On Demand Courier or Parcel Delivery Service
  3. On Demand Store Based Delivery such as On Demand Food Delivery, On Demand Grocery Delivery, On Demand Pharmacy Delivery, On Demand Alcohol Delivery and so on and so forth (basically anything that has a store component involved
  4. On Demand Service Providers such as On Demand Plumber, On Demand Electrician, On Demand Doctor, On Demand Massage Therapist, On Demand Beautician and so on and so forth. 

Now, let us go for the next division. 

By Components that Make it up

The components that make the app include:

  1. User App in Android
  2. User App in iOS
  3. Service Provider App in Android
  4. Service Provider App in iOS
  5. Store’s app in Android
  6. Store’s app in iOS
  7. Website for Information on the company’s brand and to facilitate online booking
  8. Admin Panel for the App Owner
  9. Store’s Panel

Finally, let’s look at it from the technology point.

By Technology Involved

The technologies requires (essentially the developer expertise)

  1. Android Developer
  2. iOS Developer
  3. PHP Developer

Why go for White Label Services?

White Label on demand mobile app development services are a blessing to the modern day entrepreneur. It is the easiest way to procure a ready made app that has been tested by hundreds of thousands of live users before even hitting the market. This is why; it is always advisable to opt for white label services. 

However, when you do that, you have to make sure that the mobile app you purchase is strictly built by an on demand mobile app development company that has at least 7 to 10 years of building such apps. What’s more, they should be quite early in the market with respect to on demand apps. Look for any company that has at least a thousand apps launched. 

Also, make sure that you check with the company if they will re kin the app with your theme colors apart from rebranding it with your company’s brand name and logo. This will go a long way in conveying a continuous brand language. Finally, ensure that you get the source code of the app when you purchase it so that you are in control of any and all changes and updates that you might have to make to the app in future.