Understanding the Features and Costing of the Gojek Clone

When it comes to the Gojek Clone app, there is a lot of content on the internet about how cool it is, how great a business solution it is for people but there is hardly any information regarding some of the best features and the kind of costing involved in building these apps. This is we, our team thought of putting together a whole blog post just to explain all that you need to know about the Gojek Clone app. 

So without any further ado, let us get down to it. 

For the benefit of those who aren’t really aware of what the Gojek App is all about, here’s a little background information on it. It was launched in 2010 by Nadiem Makarim and launched in Indonesia. IT started off as a platform that empowered bike riders to earn money by offering rides on their vehicle and getting paid for it. It soon evolved into a multi service platform and started including services such as logistics, food delivery and so on and so forth. 

Its success and popularity is one of the biggest reasons so as to why many entrepreneurs wanted to get their own on demand multi service app. As the Gojek app’s success set an example for many entrepreneurs around the world, people started creating their own Gojek Clone app. 

What is the Gojek Clone app?

The Gojek Clone app is an all in one multi service platform that allows users to hire service providers of all kinds whenever they need it. Think of it as a bazaar where different service providers can sell their own services independently at an individual price point without having to worry about any thing at all. 

The app simply acts as a platform that facilitates the purchase and sale of services via a digital and automated platform that increases ease of access in addition to growth in income. The users can get everything in a single app while the service providers can use the same platform to sell multiple services. 

For example, a taxi driver can also offer delivery services or dog walking services and so on and so forth. The possibilities with the Gojek Clone app for generating revenue are infinite for both the service provider as well as the app owners. 

Why do people prefer a ready made on demand multi service app like the Gojek Clone app?

The Gojek Clone app can obviously be developed from the ground up if you please but most entrepreneurs prefer to purchase market ready solutions that can be launched in the Google Play Store and the iOS app store in just a matter of a week or even less. 

Typically, a smart entrepreneur would choose a white label on demand mobile app development company that would white label the app with the client’s logo and brand name and remove any trace of the app development company. The white label process is also used to add custom features such as integration of the language of your choice and the currency of your choice for a launch in any country. 

There are two reasons why people would choose to do this. One because it is a very cost effective solution and two because it takes a lot less in terms of time to be able to enter the market. 

Building an app takes almost a couple of years for it to be ready and a practical market solution. An app as complex and complicated as this requires a huge team with a lot of technology and infrastructure in order to create something practical of it. When you purchase a ready made solution, you don’t have to worry about hiring developers or other resources or even paying for the technology stack and infrastructure. 

The timeline is another very important factor. If you wish to start a business, you obviously don’t want to waste a lot of time because the market is ever evolving. Ideas and market behavior continuously evolve and change and therefore from the time that you create the app, to the time when you finally launch the app, you have to make sure that your app is constantly evolving and adapting to current market trends. 

Biggest Advantages of the Gojek Clone app

The Gojek clone app has many advantages. Let us take a look at them individually. 

Advantages for the Users

No one wants to have an app that is heavy or that clutters your phone. Another thing that users despise the most is to have to download a new app each time that there is a requirement. This is why; giving them a single app that requires only one download and one log in is the best solution. They can easily open the app whenever they want and find all the services under the one umbrella of the on demand multi service app

Another advantage for the Users lies in the fact that they can now make informed decisions about who they wish to hire based on the price, expertise, experience and so on and so forth that they can see right in the beginning before hiring any one. 

Advantages of the Service Providers

Service Providers can now offer multiple services under the same application without having to worry about single source incomes. A taxi driver can also offer parcel delivery services or dog walking and so on and so forth. The Service providers don’t have to worry about unnecessary bargaining or unavailability of change because the app allows automated money transactions through the in app wallet. 

Advantages for the App Owner

The app owner can enjoy earning a commission each time any one uses the app to hire any kind of service provider. The app owner does not actually have to offer any services directly but can simply sit back and enjoy a commission based earning. 

On the whole

In conclusion it is safe to say that the whole idea of getting a Gojek Clone app for your own on demand multi service business is a very profitable one provided you have the right idea of the costing and the features that are most important of your app.