Foodpanda Clone Has Revolutionized The Food Delivery Services

It wasn’t long back that the world was burning because of the Coronavirus. Times were hard for humankind and businesses around the world. The economy was shattered to pieces because for a couple of years, everything took a pause. Well, it took some time to get back to where the world left off in 2020 but at last, we’re here. Out of all the businesses and industries, restaurants and food joints were hit hard the most. That is when apps like Foodpanda clone came into existence! 

Although the big market players like Grab, GrubHub, and UberEats were doing their best but were unable to reach the smaller parts of the countries. That’s how the food delivery app clone became famous. They reached every corner of a town and city. If you still haven’t caught up with what this app did and what it’s capable of doing then, let’s explore its pioneering features and functionalities. 

Features Of Foodpanda Clone Script That Will Upscale Your Restaurant Business 

Easy contactless deliveries 

The food delivery app favors contactless deliveries because customers’ health and safety are at the priority. This enhanced delivery method needs no hands to receive the food order. The delivery driver will leave the order at the customer’s doorstep. But, before they head back to their two-wheeler, the driver will click and upload the picture of the package at the door front as proof of delivery. A notification is sent to the customer’s app alerting them. It can be a simple message such as, “Order is waiting at your doorstep. Kindly collect”. 

These real-time delivery status updates help the customers to keep track of the order their stomach was growling for. 

Order customization 

Customers can easily customize their orders through the app itself. Since it gets difficult to pack and parcel some food items, the restaurants choose to offer fewer customization options. However, that’s not always the case. For illustration, let’s just suppose that a customer is ordering a sandwich from a food truck. The food truck offers customization options on: 


  • Mayonnaise
  • Dijon mustard


  • Boneless skinless chicken breasts
  • Sprigs dill
  • Green apple
  • Red onion
  • Celery stalks

Add on – Beverages: 

  • Coke (450 ml)
  • Lemonade soda (450ml)

The user can easily customize the sandwich based on their preference. 

Digital menu 

The digital menu lets the customers easily order the food items they need. Rather than uploading the menu card photos, the app has a menu from which you can add the item directly to the card. As said, customization can also be done then and there. This also saves you from calling the restaurant, ordering the food you want, and even asking them to deliver the items to your address. 

In short, a simple innovation has led to so much ease when ordering food online! 

Need a takeaway? Get that too! 

Once you have the Foodpanda clone script, you can opt for adding the option for takeaway as well. Why takeaway when everyone wants food delivered to their home? If you think that everyone needs a home delivery, then you are wrong. Many customers still want to takeaway orders directly from the restaurant. 

So, why not give customers whatever they want? In this feature, the order is placed normally as they’d otherwise. The only thing that the customers need to do to make it a “takeaway” is to change the delivery preference from the checkout page. 


To sum up, I’d only recommend the entrepreneurs interested in launching a food delivery app buy the Foodpanda clone script from a well-established firm only. 

Quality of work makes a lot of difference in how quickly you earn the profits and success. Therefore, give detailed thought to what you’re investing in before putting in all the money!