Make Your Hungry Customers Happy By Catering Food App

The pandemic outbreak has made changed how businesses used to happen. Majorly impacting the dine-in options, it is still far away to even think. Meanwhile, on-demand food delivery app like Foodpanda are enjoying their lime-light. With the government imposing the lockdown, it has become tough to go out for dining, as restaurants have closed down to curb the virus transmission. With no option left other than ordering food online using FoodPanda Clone App can be the best idea.

Online food ordering platforms like FoodPanda are on the rise. FoodPanda Clone App will make the entrepreneurs reap greater profits regardless of the COVID19. The on-demand food ordering app has been specifically designed to order food from nearby restaurants. Thus, offering convenience and speed delivery to the customers.

Why Should You Invest In On-demand FoodPanda Clone App?

Developing FoodPanda Clone App can be beneficial in several ways. Following are the significant reasons why should you invest in on-demand food delivery app like FoodPanda

Integrated with new features

We have said bye-bye to the old features, integrating the new ones in FoodPanda Clone App. This makes the app new and engaging for the users, restaurant service providers as well as Admin. It’s a win-win situation for all. Following are the new features for on-demand food delivery:

  • Restaurant wise commission
  • Daywise separate time slots
  • Item name searching
  • Voice instructions for delivery drivers
  • Restaurants to upload their kitchen pictures
  • Order cancellation option for delivery drivers
  • Voice instructions for delivery drivers
  • Graphical status of orders via in-app notifications

Profitable revenue strategies

  1. Commission

It is one of the sure-shot ways to earn through commissions. The admin can leverage commission charges from the restaurants. The commission fee can be modified and set differently for every restaurant.

  1. Subscription fees

You can charge basic membership fees from the customers who are using FoodPanda Clone App regularly. Offering them premium service will get you a wider customer base. You can offer special offers on every order, cancel delivery charges, no peak hour charges, or late night charges, etc. to make it attractive.

  1. Cancellation charges/peak hour fees

Apart from offering regular on-demand food delivery services, a peak hour fee is one of the effective ways to increase profits. When your users are having sudden cravings at peak timings, they don’t mind paying a little extra for the delivery. And this keeps adding to your profits. In the same way, charging a small price on the cancellation of the orders too will allow you to generate revenue.

  1. 3rd Party banners

Advertisements/sponsorship plays a vital role in not only boosting your profits but getting the word out for your app. More and more customers are aware of it. Allowing 3rd party ad banners to leverage ideal for your Foodpanda Clone App. 

Make sure that the app development team designs your on-demand food delivery app in a way to highlights the ad placements in a way that is not cluttered and irritating for the customers.

Hiring Foodpanda Clone App Development Company

If you are planning to develop a customized Foodpanda Clone App, then hiring an on-demand food ordering app company is what you need. The app development team with years of experience knows what it takes to develop a successful FoodPand Clone Script Solution.

Share your vision with the app development team and get the guidance of how to proceed. Integrating with the new version 2021 food delivery features can take your business to the next level. Take the live demo on both the OS platform, know-how the app performs on various s devices. 

Since it is a ready-made white-label solution, there is no need for technical assistance whenever you feel like making changes. The FoodPanda Clone App solution is a reliable, scalable, and customizable online food ordering platform that can increase your online sales along with widening your customer base quickly.