FoodPanda Clone App – Actionable Tips to Create a Business

Unexpected hunger happens in any situation. Whether you are at work, partying, on the go. Food delivery apps like FoodPanda Clone makes it more convenient and quick to order delicious meals. It is no surprise that apps like FoodPanda have quickly made it huge.

If you are here to build FoodPanda Clone App, there are a couple of things to consider to taste similar success.

Why FoodPanda Clone App And No Other?

When designing an online food delivery app, you need to do detailed research work. Lay the foundation of how your food delivery app will be. Since the food delivery segment is already a crowded niche, it’s better to choose the sure-shot one to build an app. And what better example we can use other than Foodpanda?

Here’s why:

  • With its headquarters in Berlin, Germany today this on-demand food delivery app covers 190 cities in twelve countries.
  • The food delivery app happens to raise $318 million

The above-mentioned pointers itself suggest the uniqueness of FoodPanda. Reaching millions of users across the globe, the FoodPanda App has every right feature and functionality to satisfy its customers.

In this blog, we will use FoodPanda as an example when it comes to design and developing FoodPanda Clone App that generates sales and boosts user’s loyalty.

Why User-interface Matters When Developing FoodPanda Clone App?

When the FoodPanda Clone App design is done right it has a direct impact on the user-engagement and sales.

The on-demand Food Delivery industry is a crowded place. With competitors like Grubhub, and UberEats. Not to mention other local food delivery app solutions to add the race. And your FoodPanda Clone App has to stand out.  How?

Having a great user interface and exclusive features will help beat the competition. A beautiful yet simple navigation design will get you a growing customer base. (Sure you have seen FoodPanda App design)

Another primary thing to take care of timely deliveries. Hungry people hardly can wait.  So, when you are developing FoodPanda Clone App, make sure you make it super quick in delivering the order to your users.

Know that your users are hungry brutes that’s why they are ordering food on the go using your app. Having incorporated features like real-time tracking, estimated delivery time when placing the order, etc. can enable your user to know how much time is remaining for their food to reach their stomach.

In the end, your FoodPanda Clone App design is what makes or breaks your food delivery business. Easy-to-understand features, good navigation, quick checkout process are some of the USPs to incorporate.

Points To Consider When Building On demand Food delivery Clone App

  • Do not copy : Yes. Cloning an app is one thing. You are getting the idea, inspired by how flawlessly it has been designing and copying is something different. Do not copy the app. Be different. Use your signature colors and themes for branding. Use the color combination that rouses the appetite of your users. Neon colors are good to go thus making your brand easy to recognize and visible.
  • Good quality images : When it comes to food ordering, most of us will look at the food pictures to decide. People rely on food pictures and order immediately what they like. So, when it comes to setting pictures in your on-demand food delivery app solution, make sure to use good quality pictures. The picture should load quickly thus serving the purpose of the users.
  • User-friendly navigation : Ordering food from your FoodPanda Clone App shouldn’t be rocket science. Make the navigation easy that even a person who has never operated an app can do it. Make the menu items easy to find, thus higher are the chances that your customers will be glued to your app. From a quick onboarding process to seamless checkout to multiple payment modes are few successful elements to incorporate in your on-demand food delivery app.
  • Incorporate social sharing : To increase the downloads of the FoodPanda Clone App, incorporate a social sharing feature. It is a proven fact, that people are more inclined towards turning to people’s ratings, reviews, opinions when it comes to food choices. And that’s when social media sharing comes into the picture. Thus keep sharing the “Kitchen Pictures of the Restaurants” letting your users know the safety practices. Apart from these allow restaurants to show COVID19 related safety measures they are following, etc. Uploading pictures of real people have always boost app conversions.

Adding New Version Features In Your Food Delivery App

  • Restaurant Items Bulk Import through CSV : Manually entering each item into the system is not only time-consuming but prone to errors. Thus, the admin can bulk import the extensive menu list through CSV.
  • Restaurant wise commission : The feature allows the admin to keep a different commission for every restaurant. This generates more revenue especially if there are more food orders placed.
  • Day wise separate time slots : Different restaurants will have varied working operations. Thus, this feature offers the flexibility to keep the time slot accordingly.
  • Item name searching : Allows the user to quickly search the item from the menu. Thus, the feature acts like an auto-complete that immediately displays the item name the user is typing.
  • Restaurants to upload pictures of their kitchen : It shows the status of the food ordered, right from despatch to delivery. Thus the user is notified through a graphical icon through in-app notifications.
  • Voice instructions for delivery drivers : The feature enables the user to put specific instructions via voice notes. It is mostly about mentioning how the food delivery should be done.
  • Order cancellation option : The delivery driver can cancel the food delivery order if they are unable to deliver for some reason.
  • Graphical status of the order : It shows the status of the food ordered, right from despatch to delivery. The user is notified through a graphical icon through in-app notifications.
  • Tip for Delivery Driver when paid Online via Card / Wallet : The feature enables the user to tip the delivery driver using in-app online payment mode. This includes credit cards, Wallets, etc.
  • Covid19 safety features : This feature allows restaurants to show safety measures that they are practicing to the users. This includes face mask verifications, Safety checklists, Safety badges, check temperatures of all staff. Furthermore, how frequently the restaurant sanitizes the place along with staff follows sanitization practice.
  • Safety ratings and reviews : The feature asks users to review the safety measure and provide ratings of overall food ordering and delivering the experience.

In Conclusion

It is not just to deliver favorite food to your users. FoodPanda Clone App should be all about making a connection, that’s why sitting down with the app development team and incorporating the above-mentioned features will help you taste success.

All you need is to search for app development company to do the job. This readymade food delivery app solution comes with 100% source code. Thus allowing you to modify the features, and themes as how you like. As a matter of fact, taking a live demo will give you clarity on the app’s performance. Thus allowing you to make changes beforehand. The app development process and final launch take 5 days. Thus enabling you to start your online food delivery business in a week.