Build Taxi Booking App like inDriver, OLA & Uber

Ride-hailing through smartphones has become a trend these days. Whenever customers need a fast, safe, and COVID-free ride, they book a taxi online. And you may have to! An online taxi booking app lets the customers book a customized ride through their iOS or Android smartphone. Rides are booked on apps that bring together passengers and drivers.

The best-known ride-hailing apps in the world are inDriver, OLA, and Uber. Is it possible for a business owner without any experience in technology to create a rival taxi app? To answer this question, we first need to look in-depth at these world-renowned ride-hailing apps.

A Brief yet Enlightening Overview Of inDriver, OLA & Uber

Here is an overview that may help you to understand what these apps do, how they do it, and how profitably they operate in global markets.


inDriver is a ride-hailing app that offers conventional-like taxi services online but with a twist. Here, the riders can negotiate the taxi fare with the drivers until they both reach an agreement. In a few cases where the rider isn’t satisfied with the negotiation, they can choose to wait for another driver. Once they reach an agreement on the price, the driver starts the trip. The payment method is different here. The passenger has to either pay in cash or make an immediate transfer to avoid extra charges on card payments. Thus, making the fare cheaper.


Ola is a Banglore (India) based taxi booking app that offers its customers economical luxury travel options. The passengers can book their rides through their app and website as well. Accepting both card and cash payments, this app gets an average of 150,000+ bookings per day.

Not only does this app offer taxi services but for the Indian market, it has diversified, and incorporated auto rickshaws and bike taxis on its platform.


Uber is yet another big name in the ride-hailing app market. The mobile is the primary way to book a taxi ride for everything the passengers are on the run. Here, the trip request is sent directly to all the nearby drivers. But before the passenger requests the trip, here’s what the online taxi ride-booking app does:

  • Automatically figures out the navigational route
  • Calculates the distance and fare

The surprising part is that Uber is operational in over  10,000 cities worldwide!

Developing an App with Taxi Booking App Script

Thinking about developing an app that is a mix of all – inDriver, OLA, and Uber? You can actually build one using the clone app script.

The taxi app script allows the entrepreneur to build an app that is pre-integrated with amazing features such as:

  • Smart app login using Face ID and Fingerprint Scanning
  • Wallet-to-wallet transfer
  • GPS-enabled location tracking by friends and family
  • Child seat preference
  • Gender-preferred driver (for women)
  • SOS/Panic button
  • In-app navigation
  • Multiple stop-over points
  • Request vehicle with handicap accessibility

Get the script from a globally-reputed white-labeling firm. These experts have a pre-built taxi app that is second to none! It has everything that inDriver, OLA, and Uber have to offer.

Do you what’s the best part? It comes at an affordable price! In brief, becoming an entrepreneur with only a few resources in hand is now possible with a taxi booking app script.

In Conclusion:

On a concluding note, I’d only like to reiterate that Uber-like taxi apps are a big yes in today’s world! Every customer is willing to pay a market-relevant price in return for a COVID-19-free, safe, and trackable taxi ride. 

So, what are you waiting for? Take your first step towards becoming an entrepreneur with none other than an Uber app like inDriver.