Basic Steps before Start Your Gojek Like App Development

Gojek Clone App provides a digital platform to Service Providers to offer more than 82 Life-Enhancing Services online and directly interact with the Millions of Users who login each day to shop and book Services to pamper themselves or their closed ones! Taxi Rides, Cabs and Moto Rides on Rent, Food and Grocery Delivery, Transport and Logistics, Online Video Consultations with Doctors, Tutors and Yoga Instructors! Also, the App User can also avail the Services of a Classic Car Wash while hiring a Personal Shopper who’d run errands on your behalf!


Intense Market Research

The Entrepreneur has to gauge the Market Sentiments and be absolutely sure about the Services that would be offered through this App. For this, either the Entrepreneur has to carry out field surveys on its own to know and shortlist which all Services are in Demand or hire a Market Researcher to give you a Detailed yet Precise Conclusions.

Delineate your Target Audience and Target Area

If this is the first time you are donning the hat of an Entrepreneur, I’d suggest that you launch your Powerful Gojek like App with just a handful of Services to play safe because at the end of the Day you have invested your Entire Lives’ savings into this! And as you continue to capture the Market Share with Sales going through the Roof, expand your business and start offering Services gradually and over-time. And for this, the pre-requisites are Defining your Service Area as an Entrepreneur and who all will be your Target Audience.

Now is the Time you should think about the App!

Now you have to take one of the most crucial decisions of your life! Do you want to code this Complex yet Progressive App all by yourself and invest at least Quarter of a Million Dollars or buy a Pre-Built Mature, Market-Tested and Fully-Optimized All-In-One-Services App from a Licensed White-Labelling Firm of a Global Repute!

If you build this App from Ground Up?

It is first going to take you 7-8 years even when you have the entire Adept and Proficient Team of IT Professionals on board. Simply because, they’ll need at least 3-4 years to create a working model of the Prototype ready. And now, the real work begins. Developing and Perfecting this Prototype into a Fully-Functional App without any Bugs will take a couple of additional years! Hypothetically speaking, if the App gets ready by the end of the Sixth Year even then you can’t launch it before Beta-Testing it for Six-Months! Followed by rigorous Market-Testing that will easily take at least a year!

And it is going to cost you a Minimum of US $250,000! How so?

First, you need to hire Manpower with relevant IT Experience of at least a Decade! The Expertise and Field Knowledge that they’d be bringing on the Table will easily cost you a Big Fat Paychecks every single month! And let me remind you, you have to keep paying these Experienced Professional Six-Figure Salaries every month for the next 7-8 years.

Add in the Infrastructural Costs of Renting out an Office Premise, paying monthly Electricity Bills, Municipality Tax and Annual Maintenance Fee. But, what about the Subscription Costs of the Software your IT Team will need? Who will count that in?  

But who do you need to hire?

An iOS Developer, Android Developers, a Systems Analyst, a PHP Expert, a Database Analyst, a Quality Assessment Expert, a Content Writer and a Project Manager. They are required to code the Essential App Development Components such as User Android App, User iOS App, Service Provider Android App, Service Provider iOS App, Store App, Website and Admin Panel.

But a Ready-made Gojek Clone App!

Buy a Pre-Built, Mature, Market-Tested and Fully Optimized App from a Well-Respected White Labelling Firm with impeccable Industry Experience of 10 years or above in launching such Apps on a Daily basis! Also, to check the authenticity of the Firm, kindly look for Video Testimonials of their Clients on their Official Website! But the real litmus test is, Licensed and Top-Notch White-Labelling Firms will give you its Demo Apps for Free Trial for as long as you want!

You can go live not only in record 7 days but also have to pay in Peanuts to buy the Package when compared to the Towering Six-Digit Figures of a Quarter of a Million Dollars!


Business like Gojek is what every Sharp-Witted Entrepreneur like you is dipping its toes into. Is it because the Gojek Clone App helps you make easy and quick money in the shortest period possible? Do you want to become the First Millionaire of your Family? Then Contact a Licensed White-Labelling Firm right now and raking in Profits from Day 1 of the Launch!