Why Do You Need to Develop Gojek Clone App?

Developing an on-demand application like Gojek can help your business in a million ways. It may sound surprising, but in reality, entrepreneurs are extensively choosing super apps over single-purpose apps, just like KINGX PRO 2023. This app is literally “king” because of the multiple advantages that it offers. In this blog, let’s look at the various perks of launching this Gojek clone app.

Launching the Advanced Gojek Clone Is a Must!

If you are thinking about launching your own application, you couldn’t find anything better than this advanced Gojek-like app.

With this single app, you can: 

  • Earn commissions on every service booking.
  • Establish a multi-service business in only one to two weeks.
  • Low investment cost.
  • Develop your own membership subscription plans.
  • Offer refer & earn schemes to build a wider audience base.
  • Get a feature-rich application without hassles.

Well, there is one more advantage that probably outweighs all the other competitive platforms.

Did you know that KINGX PRO 2023 is a super app with 101+ services?

Book 101+ Services in One Click

Your customers simply need to log into the app using their Fingerprint or Face ID, and they will be able to explore an entire menu of 101+ services.

Take a look at the list of services available apart from on-demand taxi booking, food & grocery delivery, on-demand professional services, parcel delivery, etc.

Buy and sell properties

By simply submitting a listing, your users post an ad for a property that they want to sell. Users can sell residential apartments, showrooms, villas, industrial buildings, godowns, farmhouses, etc. via this app.

A buyer looking for a similar property can check out all the information uploaded by the owner, as well as, look at the photos/videos. To further negotiate the sale, users can send an inquiry form to the property owner toward the end.

Buy, sell, and rent cars

KINGX PRO 2023 is an all-rounder application because it allows users to sell their sedans, SUVs, sports cars, hatchbacks, etc., or put them on rent.

While posting the ad, the user needs to list down if they want to sell it or rent it, mention the price, and add photos for the buyer’s reference.

Well, if the users want to place their ad on top of all the other postings under “Featured,” then they need to buy one of the paid plans.

Buy, sell, and rent general items

Users can now buy, sell, and rent items like home furniture, lawn & garden tools, sports equipment, and more with a single app.

To post the listing, the user needs to fill in the required details, such as the condition of the item, age, color, etc.

For more clarity, the user can upload photos and videos of the item as well.

On-demand medical services

Another amazing on-demand service offered on the KINGX PRO 2023 app is medical services.

This single component includes a number of emergency medical services, such as:

  • Booking an ambulance
  • Consulting with a doctor on a video call
  • Order medicines from nearby pharmacies
  • Book an appointment with the pet’s vet
  • Scheduling an appointment with a doctor


Users can also submit trip details and offer ridesharing services to others who want to travel to the same location or along the same route.

On the app, users can specify the trip schedule, add instructions for other passengers, the price per seat, and other required information.

Users can book seats as needed by simply selecting the time & date, departure, and destination city. They will be able to see relevant results in seconds.

Moreover, the user can make money per seat with this Gojek Clone App carpooling service.

Explore nearby businesses

Users can look up nearby places and businesses such as cafes, hospitals, gyms, salons, and bars.

Users can see a list of businesses nearby by adding their current location and selecting the category they’re looking for.

By tapping on the business name, they will be able to see the complete address, its location on the map, timings, distance from the current location, and more.  

Aside from that, consumers can call them, book a taxi, and order food/goods from there.

Track family members and employees

Users can ensure the safety of their loved ones with this service. Here, a user can track family members or their employees in real time.

They will be able to see the person’s location on the map.

In Conclusion:

By all means, KINGX PRO 2023is a super app!

If you want to launch this amazing all-in-one app, get in touch with the sales representatives at the white-labeling firm.

These experts will rebrand the app with your name, logo, a color theme that you want, and much more. And, the best thing? You will be able to kick-start your own multi-service business in just one to two weeks.