Reboost Your Business With Gojek Clone App In On-Demand Market

Entrepreneurs like to choose Gojek Clone App because it speeds up their Business Operations with no risks. Not only does using this App save their many expenses but also eliminates the time, effort, and money that go into promoting and marketing the App. Thus, the initial time to make your App visible to Customers is shortened. 

Cutting to the chase, with the App, you have already established a Customer Base that relies on you for their everyday needs like Booking a Taxi Ride, getting Food and Groceries Delivered to their home, scheduling a Steam Car Wash Service, etc. Well, with the Advancing Technology and rising expectations of Customers from the Service Providers, it is best to keep yourself ahead of time. That simply means you need to level up the Service game by adding some Futuristic, Sturdy, and Robust Features on your Gojek Clone App.  

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‘Happening’ Features to add to your Gojek Clone App 

Taxi Ride Booking through an iWatch 

This is one of the trending Features that will stimulate your Taxi Booking Business. iWatch is a popular gadget that many people Own, and this feature makes the best use of it. A Rider can use their Apple Watch to Book a Taxi Ride without taking out their iPhones from the pocket. 

Lucas has an iWatch and he uses the Taxi Booking App many times when he is traveling after spending weekends at his Parent’s Home in Cazenovia to his Apartment near Herkimer County Community College. He only Installed the Rider’s App on his iPhone that automatically Installed Taxi Booking iWatch App on the Watch. With only one-time Login, Lucas can use the App anytime, anywhere. He can easily choose the Taxi type, add Destination, Request the Ride, receive the Taxi Driver information plus keep a tab on the current status of the Ride. 

Choosing Multiple Toppings from the Restaurant Menu

This App Feature liberates the Customers to customize their Food Order by choosing and adding their favorite toppings from the Menu. 

With the help of this feature, Olivia Customizes her favorite Starbucks Frappuccino Blended Beverage – Toasted White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino Blended Beverage. She can customize her beverage. From the many options, she can 

  • Choose the size – Grande 16 fl oz
  • Milk Option – Not Fat Milk
  • Number of Espresso Shots – 2 shots 
  • Blended Add-Ins – 3 Frappuccino Chips
  • Flavor – 2 pumps of Toasted White Chocolate Mocha Sauce
  • Toppings – Holiday Sugar Sparkles with Whipped Cream
  • Sweetener Packet – 1 packet Stevia In The Raw 

However, she has to pay an additional amount for chargeable options in the menu. 

In-App Notification Tells The Current Status of the Ride/Order 

The Riders or Customers, who have placed an order from the App, get notified about the Status of their Ride/Order through In-App Push Notifications. These Notifications pop up with Intriguing and Engaging Graphical Icons. These Graphical Illustrations tell them that their Trip has Started, the Parcel is on the Way, the Taxi Driver is arriving at the Location in X minutes, Delivery Completed, etc. These Notifications can be used for various Services like Car Wash, Beautician Services, Delivery Genie, Parcel Delivery, and many more. 

Free Delivery Promo Codes for Stores 

The App Owner has the authority to set Free Delivery Promo Codes for particular Stores. The Customers get to enjoy Free Delivery from the Store they are purchasing from. However, someone has to bear the Delivery Cost! Well, the Store Owner bears that cost to promote its Services or Store. 

This feature helps the new stores to get a wider audience by offering them Free Delivery for a specified time. Jessica’s Salad Truck is a new Food Truck in Chicago, IL. They Sell and Deliver Continental Salads. They registered themselves on the On Demand Multi Service App and for the sake of Promotion; they requested the App Owner for a Free Delivery Promo. The Entrepreneur approved their request and now Jessica’s Salad Truck has become the hottest Salad Place in the Area. Their Free Delivery Strategy worked and now Online Orders are nowhere to pause. 

Detailed Service/Service Provider Search in the App Like Gojek 

This feature lets the User directly search the Service or the Service Provider simply using a relevant keyword. For instance, Emma wanted to send a pastry to her Partner who is having a hectic day at work. She immediately went on the App and searched for ‘Pasties Delivery’ in the Search Bar. And a list of places that sell pastries near her Partners Office came up. 

This saved her time for scrolling through options and screens to find the best places that sell Pastries. 


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