Build Delivery King App for Multi Delivery Business

There is no doubt about the fact that the on demand delivery app based business has grown tremendously over the last few years. However, one thing that is overly evident is the fact that people today want convenient single app based solutions rather than multiple ones. 

This is why an app like the Delivery King is one that most people are gravitating to. Before we get into understanding how you can build the Delivery King to grow your business you have to make sure that you understand all the pain points of the end users and then further create a solution that positively solves all these problems. 

What is the scope of the delivery king app?

The delivery king app is just as its name suggest, a single app that takes care of all kinds of delivery solutions. It primary caters to 4 types of delivery services:

A. On Demand Parcel Delivery Services

This part works in the following way-

  1. The user downloads the app and is now able to send across parcels from one place to another. There are 2 primary ways in which this parcel delivery functionality works.
  • A. Single Delivery- which enables users to send across the parcel from one place to another. The user can enter the pick up point and the drop point so that the delivery personnel can come and pick the parcel up from the pick up point and deliver it to the drop location. 
  • Multi Delivery- which enables the users to send across the parcel from one place to multiple drop points.  The user can enter the pick up point and the multiple drop locations so that the delivery driver can reach the pick up point and then drop the parcels at the multiple locations mentioned. 

2. The user can select the type of vehicle that they see fit for the delivery of the said parcel. This includes different types of vehicle based on the dimensions and the weight of the parcel. 

3. The user is free to send a folder with a bunch of papers or even a hundred bags of cement from one place to another. 

B. On Demand Store Based Delivery

This service extends to anything that can be purchased using the app for a store based option. This includes services such as On Demand Food Delivery Services, On Demand Grocery Delivery Services, On Demand Bottled Water Services, On Demand Pharmacy Delivery Services, On Demand Alcohol Delivery Services, On Demand Bakery Goods Delivery Services, On Demand Flower Delivery Services and so on and so forth.

Using this app, the user can go to the type of delivery that they want and then find a list of all the stores registered into the app that offer said services. Then they can select all the items that you want and add them to their shopping carts. After that, they can check out those items by making the payment using the app and then get them delivered to their doorstep. 

C. Delivery Genie and Delivery Runner

This is a feature that enables users to hire an individual driver for miscellaneous tasks. For example, if you wish to purchase some products which don’t have a delivery option, or need some items picked up from somewhere, you can hire your delivery genie and delivery runner who will ensure that the pick up of any item. You can pick up laundry and so on and so forth. 

Setting up your own business

In order to start your own business which manages delivery you must take the first step to setting up your business, that is, research. Research is one of the most primary components of the business. Take a look at what your competitors are doing, what do your end users want, what is it that you can do to make sure that you can make your app more suited to the requirements of the users. 

Once you have an idea of what is needed in the market, you can go ahead and start looking for an app that offers everything of that sort. The easiest way is to look for the right app is by doing a simple Google search to find the right Delivery King app built by the right kind of online white label on demand mobile app development company.

Once you find a good company that has at least 8 years of experience in building such on demand apps with a full fledged development team in a development center with state of the art technology and advanced technology stack.

You must take a look at their previous client testimonials so that you can understand what the general consensus of the market is. It will give you a window into the live functionality of the team, the kind of professionalism that they work with, the kind of after sale services that they have. 


The on demand delivery market is one of the best kinds of businesses today. It is something that is evolving and growing at the best pace for the current trends. In order to make sure that you can get the right kind of profitability with the help of an on demand delivery app, then you must look for the right white label mobile app development company that has at least 6 to 8 years of experience in building on demand solutions. Make sure that you try the app before you invest in it so that you know exactly what you are getting into and you know what your customers will be getting from you.

Also, don’t miss out on looking at the customer reviews so that you also have an idea of their delivery process and the different experiences that their clients want to regale. The Delivery King app is one of the best business solutions in the current market and if you want to become successful instantly, then this is the right platform for you.