Grab Clone – The Best App For Your Multi-services Business

Grab Clone is a multi-service platform that offers taxi booking and several other delivery services like parcels, food, medicines, and more. It is a one-stop solution for those who find it difficult to install and register on numerous apps. 

For customers, this application is a boon and for entrepreneurs like you, it is a game changer. By launching a multi-service app, you can easily expand your business plus make humongous profits. 

Grab Clone App’s Multiple Services 

Explained below are the multiple services offered by the app. See how many services you can rule by launching a single app. 

Taxi Booking Service

Through this service, your user can book a taxi instantly and commute from X to Y location in the city. Besides taxi booking and scheduling, you will also be able to provide your customers with services like ride-sharing, renting a taxi, and more. 

In this service, the Grab Clone app is the mediator between the riders and drivers. Users can quickly book taxi services with this app while the drivers can earn money per ride, and you will make commissions on every service! 

Parcel Delivery

Your customers can easily send parcels to one or more locations within the city. By using the app, your customers can find an available parcel delivery professional. 

Once the booking gets confirmed, the parcel is picked up by the assigned delivery driver. They will then deliver it to the required destination mentioned by the customer. 

As soon as the service is requested, all the nearby drivers are notified to pick up the parcel. And, with the help of the in-built navigation, they can easily complete the on-time deliveries of the parcels. 

Food Delivery 

The Grab Clone app has made the ordering and delivering food easy. Customers only need to choose the restaurant from which they want to place their order and add the items to the cart. Also, they get the option of paying online or with cash. 

The app also allows them to customize their food. Additionally, they get the option to record and upload the voice instructions for the delivery driver so that they can make quick deliveries. 

Medicine Delivery 

Customers can also use the app to order prescribed medications online from a nearby store. All they have to do is upload the prescription provided by the doctor on the app. Then, they can look for the medicine or search for a pharmacy store that can quickly complete the delivery. 

Once the order is placed, a delivery driver will pick up the order from the pharmacy and deliver it to the customer’s address. 

Grocery Delivery 

The app also has a grocery delivery service using which your customers can order fresh vegetables and fruits online. 

Once they log into the Grab Clone app, they can click on grocery delivery service, find a nearby store, choose the items they want, and add them to the cart. If they want to edit the items, they can do it directly from the checkout page. 

Customers can add, remove, or subtract items from the cart. 

Moto Rides 

Apart from the taxi booking service, the app also allows users to book moto rides within the city borders. Two-wheeler vehicles are a great way to quickly commute from one place to another. 

Thus, based on their budget or requirement, customers can select the suitable two-wheeler type, and their preferred payment method, and click on BOOK NOW. 

Similarly, they can click on the BOOK LATER button to schedule the services easily. 

In Conclusion: 

Grab Clone is a multi-service app that can extensively grow your business and help you double your profits. So, you can shrug off all the stress related to developing a perfect app! 

Purchasing and white-labeling the app will assure you that the app will be perfect for your targeted audience and will meet your business goals. 

So, get the solution today and launch your own app in one week.