Transportation on Uber – Which is the new challenge that it is now facing?

If you see around you will find a number of other transportation services in the world but there are still some of them such as Uber, Lyft, and Ola that are currently dominating the world with their efficiency and better performance. The benefit of using such services is to easily access them through a mobile application with advanced features that a commuter needs. These services run efficiently only if the drivers for Transportation on Uber follow the terms and conditions carefully that is shown through the mobile apps. Let us now get into more details about these new services that the drivers are now going in for.

Transportation rivalries in the market

Most of the transportation services such as Lyft are competing with Uber to implement additional features that the commuters are looking in for. One such feature is to pay the amount for booking tickets through digital payments methods of E-commerce systems.  This is what Uber is doing by making its payment methods digital and thus increasing its performance in the market. We can improve our transportation services only through feedbacks and change the features if there are any issues. Issues coming up are drivers getting affected with the continuous work, criminal issues getting registered and improper time management.

Uber transportation here benefits its drivers as the commuters in some or the other way. They have also met many of the demanding facilities laid down by the drivers but the demand continues to go on. Because of such issues, the taxi drivers in Delhi have now decided to come up with their own app which has already been launched on April 7, 2017. This new mobile app is called SEWA Cab where the drivers will just have to pay 700 Rupees a month. They will no more suffer the same way of receiving fewer commissions. It is one of those transportation services that provide all the necessary details to the driver for proper commutation with the commuter along with time maintenance. And all this is possible through mobile applications that have been developed through Uber rider app clone.

Looking at such challenges Uber is now paying its drivers nearly 700 rupees on a daily basis. It is said that as technology changes there is definitely going to be a change in the transportation services since mobile applications are now benefitting both the riders and drivers. It will thus help a driver to manage his time and not work round the clock. There have been a couple of challenges and issues that these riding companies are facing but they are trying their best to reduce the stress caused by the drivers. They are trying their best to satisfy their employees so that they do not lose business as these types of businesses run on drivers only. It is true that this concept has brought jobs and livelihood for a lot of people but these people are now protesting against these companies who believe they are not getting sufficient income and one such example is SEWA cab.

Looking at the success of SEWA, many of the largest ride-hailing companies will have to start changing their ways as this new app has built hope and benefits for the drivers. The biggest advantage that each driver gets is that they have to just pay a nominal rent every month and there is no surge pricing to the rides that they make. All the remaining income that they earn goes in their pockets which Ola and Uber do not benefit them in these ways. It is high time that Transportation on Uber needs to change its way of treating and benefitting its drivers or else there will be another challenge ready for them as they have been facing common issues with local taxi drivers since 2015.